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Plenty of places are there online for people to purchase natural looking hair wigs. Hair Sisters hold a prominent place out of them. They have an excellent collection of hair wigs available in their store. The wigs can be divided into three main categories as lace front wigs, Remy hair wigs and weaving hair wigs. The specifications of all the available wigs are mentioned in detail for the convenience of users. This will assist you to select the best one out of the collection. Real pictures are also attached along with the product description. On top of everything, Hair Sisters offer their hair wigs to the people at an affordable price. In fact, they offer the best prices for the hair wigs, when compared to other service providers all around the world.

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However, Hair Sisters has not been able to maintain an excellent customer reputation over the past few months. It can clearly be seen from the customer testimonials available online. Most of the customers say that they are not reliable during the transaction. They use UPS to send all the products to the customers, but customers receive it without digital signature confirmation. This can lead some customers into hassle at the end of the day. Hair Sisters will not take the responsibility of your products if something happens during the shipping process. The tracking number will never show up and the customers will not be able to track their parcels after placing the order. In addition, many customers say that Hair Sisters spams their mailboxes with unnecessary offers. This can be frustrating at times as you don’t want to purchase hair wigs every day. Overall, We would give a 3 star rating to Hair Sisters. Even though they are equipped with an excellent product lineup, they don’t take necessary steps to deliver the best customer experience to the people.

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  1. Long review but worth the read! In 2003, I lost my hair as a result of having alopecia. Losing my hair was very difficult, because for so long my long beautiful hair was a part of my identify. I’d never had to wear weave or wigs, but was eventually forced to do so due to me going completely bald in a matter of months. It was an extremely difficult and emotional time for me. I quickly realized that it was cheaper to get a purchase wigs rather that get quick weaves. After years of going to local beauty supply stores, with limited styles, a friend told me about hair sisters. She was in the military at the time and for her wearing wigs made life a lot simpler. To be honest, I was skeptical about ordering a wig online, but the prices were great, styles were super cute, and the quality was good. Now, I was able to change my styles often and at affordable prices. So, why did it take me eight years to right a review? To be honest the service and products were what I expected from an online company…nothing bad…but nothing spectacular until this past week. I ordered a short wig and needed it relatively quickly as I would be traveling out of town to give a presentation. I found a cute, professional, short wig that I really liked. As I do with each wig before I order it, I check to see if there are any YouTube reviews. They help me make informed decisions and this wig had been given rave reviews. I had to have it for this presentation and quickly ordered it. Sadly, I did not notice the wig I selected was not a “Same Day Shipping” wig prior to placing the order. It wasn’t until I received my email confirmation that I realized I’d made a mistake, and I wouldn’t have time to order another wig and be guaranteed I’d have it before my flight. It was at that moment that I decided to send the company an email. To be honest I didn’t expect a response and if I were to receive one I figured they would tell me there was nothing they could do, but thought I’d at least try and see if they could provide assistance. To my surprise, I received an immediate response from the company’s General Manager. After explaining my situation, the manger took immediate reaction. She found out the wig I’d ordered was not in stock, but would arrive to their warehouse on Tuesday the following week. I needed the wig by Wednesday as my flight was early Thursday morning. Over the next few days she kept me up to date about my wig was and ensured she would personally get it from the warehouse and ship it FedEx overnight to ensure I had my wife for my big presentation. She kept her word and even contacted me to ensure I’d be home the day the package was to be delivered. Let’s be honest, you don’t get this type of customer service these days, particularly in regards to online companies. What she didn’t know about me is that I teach and speak across the country on entrepreneurship. I help young people start their own companies and I’m pretty successful at it. A few years ago, I had a student offered $30 million to buy the company he started in my class from him. Just Google Taylor Rosenthal or youth offered $30 Million for his RecMed company….you will find me in all of his publications somewhere. It is because of that student’s success in my classroom that my life substantially changed. I have been able to meet and talk to successful entrepreneurs, politicians, and business moguls from across the country with confidence and always wearing a wig I purchased from Hair Sisters. This recent experience with the company will now be shared with my students, colleagues, and those who come to hear me speak. I am in the business of helping other business become successful, and one of the keys to a running a successful business is to build good relationships with the customer. Like I said; I don’t normally write reviews, but this was an exception. I plan to share this review on this site, other sites, social media, and in the presentations I give across the country. Excellent customer service Hair Sisters! You have a customer for life.