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The Lace Wigs Store


Our experience with The Lace Wigs Store

The Lace Wigs Store is a popular website and brand that sells a variety of lace wigs. The lace wigs store and Kapenzo Hair can be defined as very personable and authentic source in seeking a large variety of lace wigs. They are a Canadian company with an international distribution channel ranging from all over North America to parts of Europe. The Lace Wigs Store overall a reputable company that have been around for almost a decade and one of the first to adapt a personalize approach to shopping for lace wigs. This company offers a unique range of lace wigs and not only for those that want it for fashion but for those experiencing hair loss whether it is due to alopecia or radiation treatment such as chemotherapy.

Check Them Out www.thelacewigsstore.com

All in all this lace wigs store offers a personalized approach to shopping for any type of lace wig and hair system. They offer the option to customize it to fit your budget, lifestyle and personal preference along with the right medical grade products to apply and maintain it. This is an ideal option for those that seek authentic craftsmanship, quality and service. We can certainly say that speaking and ordering with an English speaking and educated customer service representative makes any customer feel secure and confident about ordering with this company.

Over all many customers enjoy their selection of lace wigs but wish they would expand on their celebrity selection at a lower price range in synthetic or Remy hair. Others have said that their service is great but they wish their hours were longer and had more representatives to open more telephone lines. Overall we find that this Canadian company is changing the way you order hair and wigs online. They provide a great selection, top quality products made in North America and shipped from Canada and a one on one personalized approach to shopping with them. It’s rare to find a company with high ethical standards and this company shows that they care more about the well-being and satisfaction of their customers than anything else. This is the ideal reputable source for those that appreciate customer service.

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  1. What a great experience with this store. Thank you for the great review and I can’t wait to get my custom wig I ordered from them.

  2. After searching for wigs throughout Toronto, I almost gave up when someone recommended this store. I thought to myself ok lets give this a try.. I am a stickler for customer service and I must say it was great from when I spoke to the sales lady to when I received the custom wig, the quality of hair was impeccable. I have never looked back since, I am a customer for life. I love the store, the atmosphere and most of all the service.

  3. Let’s be honest, when I saw people’s reviews I didn’t really believe it. I mean based on my past experience I have been through so much with my hair loss and I have bought from a lot of these websites including China.

    I was VERY apprehensive to buy from The Lace Wigs Store but I thought well how much more can I lose? I might as well give it a try and see if they are as good as their reviews.

    So I tested them first. How? Well, I called several times and emailed to see if (1) a real person replied with a good handle of the English language. (2) They actually knew their product, from the general to the specific.

    Once being satisfied with the service, I then went ahead and purchased two stock remy wigs. I believe I received it in roughly 7 days which was ok because I wasn’t in any rush.

    Now let’s talk about their quality. First thing is first, the packaging and presentation was very elegant. Also, I appreciated the instructions on how to maintain the wig, even-though I already knew.

    I wore the wig for about a month before writing this review so that people reading this would understand that this is coming from a REAL customer.

    My wig, if I didn’t already mention it was a 16inch deep wave glueless wig and a 14inch glueless wig in a natural straight texture. I wanted two to alternate with, so that they can last longer. I also purchased their hair serum and to my surprise, that actually works and smells really good.

    The overall quality of the hair is great. The cap fits well, I am gentle with the hair so I only experience mild shedding with the deep wave texture when I wet it and the natural straight texture is great because it has a bit of a wave to the ends. This allows me alternate without raising eyebrows.

    Overall their reviews are accurate. The ladies on the phone are pleasant and appear to like their job and their product quality is good.

    I ordered a custom virgin glueless wig for a more secure fit with one of them over the phone. When I get it, I will post a review on that.

    Oh, one last thing, I gave them a 4.5 out of 5 because I felt as though they should have more staff handling their phones. A times it’s hard to get through so if you really need to speak with someone and you don’t get through the first time, try again in the next hour. The lady said that they are a salon too so there are times when they get caught up with customers.

    Anyways I hope this review helps someone out there that has been through hell finding a good wig shop. This shop seems to be one of the legitimate ones that I have come across.

  4. I would like to know the address of your shop. And the hours you are open. Thank you.


  5. Love The Lace Wigs store! It’s hard to find a company that can help you make a good decision and buy a wig. I’ve bought lace wigs from so many stores online and even just random people but the quality at this store is truly the best! I must admit I buy my Euro hair only because it’s the best and if I am going to spend my hard earn dollar I rather buy the best product on the market. Great service too!

  6. I can’t say enough good things about this store. I have been purchasing here for the last year and always had a great experience. If I can’t get through to them over the phone, I simply email them. The selection is not like others. They are more catered to a natural look which is what I was looking for and they are just in Canada so it makes it soooo much easier to communicate with them. In the past I purchased the stock wigs but after speaking to a rep that convinced me to go custom, I can’t go back to stock. The custom wig is 10X better in quality (I upgrade to virgin). Yes I pay more for custom virgin but it’s worth every penny. I have it shipped to my work discreetly and it doesn’t take long to receive it. Like I said, great company and product. They’ve made my life a lot easier.

  7. I have been ordering from here for years and overall I am pleased. The quality of the hair is consistent and the service is unmatched. They always have what I need and the time it takes to receive it is fairly quick.

  8. I’m a young man in my 30’s experiencing hair thinning. The stores that cater to men are overly expensive so I tried The Lace Wigs Store. I called a few times for consultations since I don’t live in Canada and was impressed. So I took the leap and bought a toupee (they call it a unit). I paid for the styling and bought the kit so I can put it on my self. Worked out well! Great store for men and women.

  9. Overall great service and good selection of wigs. One thing to note is that it’s a bit difficult to reach them during the midday. I usually call in the mornings to ensure I can get someone to order my wigs.

  10. I get my wigs washed hair all the time. I think I send like 10 at a time 3 times a year to get them to clean, wash and repair the wigs. I have a busy schedule and cannot be bothered to clean them. They do a good job and send them back pretty quickly. The staff is great to speak with.

  11. Great store and prices. I have purchased wigs from several different websites and got wigs of all quality. Based on their review I decided to buy what they called the Kosher wig. Yes it was EXPENSIVE but one of the best quality wigs I have ever had. I’m definitely a customer for life!

  12. Great products and real people. They have a great selection of wigs online. I’ve bought a few wigs from them and so far their quality is great. I have yet to buy their Kosher hair which I hear so much about but my my I have to save up for that beauty!

  13. I spent $2K on a wig that I absolutely love and after 4 years I knew I had to get a new one. Well when I called The Lace Wigs Store they gave me an option to get it revived! A mere $500 and my wig was brand spanking new! I couldn’t believe it! They are a life saver.

  14. This is one of the best companies out there! I have only ordered from them in the past and loved their products but mostly the people there are so lovely. You can rely on them for knowledge and advice.

  15. I have now purchased several wigs from thelacewigstore and absolutely love them! I was devastated when I lost my hair to alopecia and tried many, many different types of wigs from various vendors. When I stumbled upon this review I was ready to give up on finding natural looking affordable wigs and was feeling really disheartened about the whole situation. I am so happy with my purchases from them and now, after reading about the satisfaction with having wigs repaired and cleaned, I am going to look into doing that!

    If you are on the fence about trying this store out, don’t be afraid. It’s a wonderful find!

  16. You never hear of a place that offers hair systems for kids that have Alopecia. We didn’t know where to start or what to ask for because neither of us have hair loss. Our child does and for reasons we aren’t sure of but still waiting for a diagnosis. Nevertheless, we sought out a wig for her hoping to find something right away. If there are any parents reading this, note that with kids it’s RARE to find something off the shelf because their heads are so small. You HAVE to get it custom made and it can get really EXPENSIVE. We spent about 2 hours at this shop going through all the particulars and by god I’m so glad with did. We not only learned a lot and when her wig came in, they were so patient and understanding with all our questions. So far our sweetheart loves her new hair and she expresses more confidence now, which is all we want for her. Thank you.

  17. Great custom wigs and real people that are willing to help you through it all! It’s hard to lose hair and have to call strangers about getting a wig. I’m grateful to have found this company that have been able to help me order my wigs in the last 5 years of doing business with them.

  18. Great selection of wigs although I always order the same one over and over again. I like to keep it natural and consistent. The shipping is fair and only takes about 4 days to get it.

  19. This is a wonderful company to buy from. I love their quality and service. However take note that they get really busy on Fridays so it’s harder to get through to them. Overall I generally speak with Abi and she’s just spectacular!

  20. I’ve been ordering here for years. I’m not from Canada but I do love shopping from them! Lol I have met and spoke with just about everything there from Dan to Abi and Amanda. They all have been very helpful and educated about the wigs they sell including their glue and tape and their serum. The reason why I keep going back is mainly because of the relationship I have built with them. Every time we talk it’s as though I’m speaking to an old friend, in addition, I don’t like ordering online so when I do order I prefer to just call and order the same thing over and over again.