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WigSis holds a prominent place out of them. It can be considered as a website, which has existed on the internet for some time. Therefore, this website has a pretty good potential customer base as well.

The available collection of lace wigs at WigSis is impressive. In fact, they have many different type of lace wigs for the people in need and there is something for everyone. Therefore, a person who looks for any type of lace hair wigs can think of visiting WigSis without a doubt on mind. Sometimes, it would take few hours for the people to find the perfect lace wig for them because of the large collection of wigs available.

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WigSis offers ready to wear gigs for the people in need as well. In other words, people who purchase lace wigs from WigSis will be able to wear them right out of the box. The sizes would match perfectly well with the size of the head and the users will not find any discomfort when wearing it for a long period of time. In case if the wig is not matching perfectly, customers are provided with the opportunity to return it back and get a new one. However, This company cannot be considered as the best online marketplace available for modern world people to purchase lace wigs. There were some issues with related to their shipping. In fact, some customers have stated online that WigSis does not send the ordered product, but a different one. Moreover, they do not enclose any information or instructions when sending the package.

People who purchase curly hair wigs from WigSis should be careful because most of the negative reviews of them are related to curly wigs. In other words, most of the customers have stated that their curly wigs look like plastic curls. Therefore, these curls would break in a short period of time. Even though it is protected by the warranty, users will have to go through the hassle of contacting customer support and getting a new wig as a replacement. Moreover, users will have to bear the additional cost of sending the product back to them.

Some customers also say that what they get via post is different from the ones that are advertised on the website. They do not pay special attention towards the style or color before shipping out a lace hair wig. For example, customers who have ordered grey colored hair wigs have stated that they got a blonde mix in return. Therefore, people who purchase products from WigSis are not guaranteed whether they would get the advertised product that they order or not. However, the exchange process is pretty smooth, but it consumes a considerable amount of time. Therefore, people who are looking for a hassle free experience are asked to stay away from WigSis.

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  1. I received my wigsis wig this morning and I’m so pleased, it’s beautiful and fits perfectly. It’s a little spiky on the crown but it’s not too bad and I can live with that. All in all I’m so pleased with the quality of the wig and the swift delivery, Well done Wigsis Wigs.

  2. After having had a terrible wig of the infamous wig show site I am thrilled to have found Wigsis wigs . Best wig I have ever owned , I ordered sandy grey a really natural colour, I am losing my hair due to lupus and the tori has restored my confidence. I am thrilled beyond belief.

  3. fantastic beautiful wig, great cut bought in 478GR and is made in gorgeous different tones of blonde going to buy another.

  4. Let me just say, these are fake reviews written by WigSis. This is an incredibly fraudulent company. This is the ONLY page that has good reviews. Hundreds of people hate this company. They are unethical and dishonest. Their wigs are notoriously bad quality. Wrong colors and wrong styles have been shipped. They refuse any form of refund. They will have you running in circles. They’ll offer 10% no 20% off. But, they will never refund you for a bad wig. Never. They’ll even say. “We’ll send you a free wig in addition to the cancelled order. Then promised a refund if you don’t like what has been sent. YOU STILL WON’T RECEIVE REFUND RECEIVE A REFUND!


  5. Omg guys, please don’t belive to these all positive comments they are fake same like on their website, if you ordered something from them you gona get awful garbage products, nothing is like on pisc, you gona lose your money becouse they are fraud scammer from China not California how they stated, if you want cancel or stop processing you not gona be able to do it even if you requested after an hour or couple days, they just don’t care about you they just want your money and you gona be stuck with wigs from dollar store, so please stay away from them save yourself headache e-mailing them back and fourth constantly just run from these scammers

  6. Do not purchase from Wigsis! I purchased 2 wigs from them which are unwearable. Horrible quality. They will not let me return the wigs or give me a refund. I will be throwing the wigs in the garbage. I have lost $255.00 and am posting reviews everywhere I can to help prevent others from being scammed.

  7. I implore anyone thinking of ordering a wig from wigsis.com to run
    the other way! This a SCAM!!!! I wrote a negative review on their
    website. They never posted it. Goods are not as advertised and you
    will not receive satisfaction if you try to request a refund.

  8. They have a terrible customer service department and will not refund your money. I have been fighting with “Candy” for a month now because the wigs they sent me are not at all like advertised. Buyer Beware.