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Wow African

Wow African


Wow African is one of the popular online marketplaces that offer lace wigs for the people in need. In fact, their online marketplace can be considered as a professional hair beauty plaza because they have got everything that you need to have in order to enhance the look of your hair. You just need to browse through the available categories and select the perfectly matching products for you.
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Wow African can also be considered as the best place available out there on the Internet for people to purchase Brazilian hair wigs. They have got an impressive collection of Brazilian wigs at affordable prices. The products are marked at a reasonable price and when you compare it with the quality, you will not find anything to complain about. Wow African also offers free giveaways to impress their potential customers. Any person can enter their giveaways and try their luck to win a premium quality lace hair wig for free. As I mentioned earlier, They offer all the products that you need to maintain the beauty of your hair, including clip INS, wave closures and other accessories are available in WOW African.

When you go through the customer reviews available online, you will come across several negative reviews as well. Many customers have stated that WOW African fails to send the correct product to the doorstep of their customers. It may be due to their carelessness in handling the orders or they must be getting too much of orders per day, which exceeds their processing capacity. However, it is not a good sign for the brand name of WOW African. Moreover, the customers are recommended to keep an eye on this and check whether they get the right product that they order. Otherwise, you will have to go through their lengthy refund or return process.

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  1. WowAfrican.com is a really good website. I got a 20 inch yaki straight lace wig,This is hands down the best hair I have ever owned, and I’ve been wearing weave for 5 years. Investing in a wig was the best decision I’ve made. The hair quality is like no other. It isn’t like the shedding, dry, tangled “virgin” hair that you get off of Ali express or other vendors. This is the real deal, hence the high price. I haven’t done anything to this wig and I get a compliment just about everyday, from people of all races and ages.
    I got a 20 inch yaki straight instead of silky straight so it could look more like mine. The only thing I leave out is my baby hairs, nothing else. This wig is 100% worth the money!

  2. I got 2 wigs from wow african. The first was a brazilian wavy silk base 4 cap 20in that was really curly and beautiful hair. IT SHEDDED EXCESSIVELY! I am not putting extras on it. Hair was everywhere even in my food, underwear, husband clothes, EVERYWHERE. I wore wigs before and never had an issue like that. I contacted them and they said another customer had the same problem. It was hard to get them to want to fix it so i gave up.

    The second was silky straight. It didnt shed as much mainly because i kept emailing them. Instead, it would matte often. That is embarassing. I have to brush every 5 minutes.

    I am not dealing with wowafrican anymore because of that. I am waiting on a wig from april lace wigs. Ill let you know the results.

  3. I had bought a wig from them back in early Nov, unfortunately i did not fit. I had sent it back on nov 19th and was guaranteed a refund by dec 15th. To this day i have still not received anything and they will not refund me the $214CAD i had spend. Very poor customer service

  4. Placed an order on August 7th. It is August 29th and still no wig. I have had to endure some of the most unprofessional and unsatisfactory email correspondences. After finally being sent a Fed Ex confirmation # today after 3 emails said my order had already been processed, i was sent a photo of a wig that looks like I could have bought it for $19.99 at a Halloween shop. I spent over $200 and I was offered a wig grip as a consolation. I am in disbelief that this has occurred. I have reported this business and await a refund. The density IS SUPPOSED TO be the same so there should not be such a drastic difference. And all of this after 22 days since placing order.